Galleries – 2017

1st January 2017MarlowYoungy
15th January 2017MarlowLucy
8th January 2017CookhamRob RA
22nd January 2017TurvilleKickiGallery
22nd January 2017The DukeBurns Night and late Christmas dinnerGallery
29th January 2017Little MarlowChris Y
5th February 2017 HambledonRob EEd's downers
12th February 2017Cadmore EndJennyGallery
19th February 2017WooburnRob RAGallery
26th February 2017Coleshill opposite Harte and Magpie pubKenA to B ending at Ken and Lynn's
5th March 2017MaidenheadCaroline OZGreat sausages
12th March 2017Cookham DeanCazMartino,Ken,Richard,Caz,Nicki,Kicki,Steve,Lucy,Ed,Ken son1, Ken son2, Gem,Tania,Jim
19th March 2017HenleyPeteRob RA, Chris Y,Nicki,Lucy,Pete,Gill,Ed,Steve, Kicki, Martino, Can, Jim
26th March 2017Burchette's GreenNickiSteve,Nicki,Gill,Ed,Lucy,Rob E,Kicki,Rob RA,Martino,Jenny,Jim
2nd April 2017Black Country ParkSoniaSonia's special markers Gary,Tania,Ed,Ken,Lucy,Patrick,Pete,Steve,Nicki,Bondi,Martino,Caroline OZ,Sonia, Jim ,Bills guest David.
9th April 2017BrandenhamMartinoA to B and lost RA
14th April 2017Garibaldi PubSteve and NickiTania's 50th Birthday Hash
16th April 2017NO RUN
23rd April 2017SandsYoungy
30th April 2017Bledlow RidgeNickiCaroline's 50th Birthday
7th May 2017Cowleaze WoodsLucy
14th May 2017Kicki
21st May 2017Princes RisboroughRob ERob E,Rob RA,Sarah,Nicki,Caz,Steve,Mike,Jim and Bali
28th May 2017CatslipTania
4th June 2017Caroline
11th June 2017HedgerlyKen
18th June 2017BixGary
25 June 2017MarlowSarahBig turnout
2 July 2017HenleyHooray Henley
9 July 2017PeteEuroHash in Vienna
5th to 12th
16 July 2017EdCouldn't work out start point
23 July 2017Winters HillBondi and CarolineRob, Martino, Bondi, Caroline, Bill, Ken, Ed, Jim
30 July 2017Jenny
5 August 2017Marlow AGPUHash BBQ
13 August 2017Martino
20 August 2017Richard
27 August 2017SouthendRA RobRob 3rd, Caz, Bondi, Caroline, Kicki, Steve, Ken, Martino, Ed, Lucy, Yorkie, Patrick, Bill Jim
3 September 2017Christmas CommonJim's first settingSteve, Nicki, Ken, Sarah, Ed, Lucy, Rob 1, Gunilla,Bill, Martino, Lington, Andre ( Visitors from Singapore) Jim
10 September 2017NickiNicki, Rob 111, RA daughter, Patrick, Bill, Martino, Steve, Richard, Rob 1, Kicki, Ed, Lucy, Jim, 3 visitors
17 September 2017MarlowChrisSteve, Chris, Nicki, Sarah, Pete, Gill, Bondi, Caroline, Ken , RA Rob, Ed , Lucy, Jim
24 September 2017TaplowCoroline OzCaroline Oz, Bondi,RobIII,Martino,Bill,Gary,Ken,Patrick,Lucy,Nicki,Kay,Jim
1st OctoberTurville/FingestKickiKicki,Bondi,Caroline,Ed,Lucy,Ken,Rob 1,Tania,Gill,Bill,Martino,Jim
8th OctoberCookham DeanCaz for Tania and Gem wedding runGill,Pete,Steve,Nicki,Ed,Lucy,Bill,Martino,Bondi,Caroline oz,Caz,Rob111,Rob1,Jim
15th OctoberRissington Martino last run for Jeff(Bondi) and Caroline Oz (Catkin)Martino,Catkin,Bondi,Bill,Lucy,Ken,Rob111,Jim,Sonia,Gunilla,Kicki
22nd OctoberYattendenRun with Berkshire Hash RG18 0XTBH3 + Ed,Lucy,Kicki,Gunilla,Rob1,Rob111,Sonia ,Martino,Bill,Steve,Nicki,Jim
29th OctoberWinter HillRob 3rdEd,Sonia,Sonia's niece,Kicki,Pete,Gill,Steve,Nicki,Martino,Bill,Rob111,Ken,Patrick,Jim
5th NovemberGunnilla
12th NovemberTania
19th NovemberHurleyEdEd,Lucy,Steve,Nicki,Kicki,Barley,Sara,Rob111,Jim,Martino,Bill
26th NovemberHampenden Rotten RowSonia assisted by KickiSonia,Kicki,Ed,Lucy,Gary,Patrick,Yorkie,Bill,Martino,Jim,Ken,Steve
3rd DecemberPenn,Bfield,Knotty and Forty GreenKenKen,Rob,Ed,Lucy,Steve,Yorkie,Sonia,Pete,Gill,Martino,Bill,Jim Nicki at pub in father Christmas outfit.
10th DecemberBishan AbbeyBring a friend snowed out stuck on A404
17th DecemberLondon H3Christmas runKen,Steve,Elaine,Gill,Nicki,Rob111,Becky, Beckys mate Steve,Ed,Lucy,Sonia,Jim,Pete,Rob1,Martino,Bill
24th DecemberCANCELLED
26th DecemberYoungyBoxing Day Hangover Run
31st December