DateNAMENo. SetpicsComments
January 3, 2016STEVE Y1A rainy run at Marlow Common and Harleyford
January 6, 2016CAROLINE1A beautiful sunny but wet, muddy run at Winters Hill
January 9, 2016TANIA1The Stag and Hounds at Hambleden, a muddy run *
January 12, 2016KEN1A great run around Fulmer-and a great meal after at the Duke of C *
January 15, 2016ED1Marlow
January 18, 2016ROB 2nd1Cookham Dean
January 21, 2016MARTINO1A cold run in Bradenham*
January 24, 2016ROB1A Grand muddy run from Waltham St Lawrence
January 27, 2016PAUL S1A delightful run from Cookham Dean
January 30, 2016DAZZLING1In and around Marlow Bottom*
February 2, 2016PETER1A sunny run Stoke Common and Hedgerley*
February 5, 2016CAROLINE2A beautiful day & lovely run Burchetts Green & BCA
February 7, 2016NIKKI S1Rain, hail & lightning run around Marlow Bottom
February 10, 2016PATRICK1Quite a hilly run from West Wycombe*
February 13, 2016ROB 2nd2In and around Hurley and the river Thames
February 15, 2016LUCY1A long run, Stoke Row & the Maharajah's Well*
February 18, 2016ALLAN1A long cold run around Wheelers End*
February 21, 2016KEN2A warm sunny run in the woods around Penn Bottom*
February 23, 2016KICKI1A hot sunny run in the beautiful Chiltern Hills around Fingest and Cadmore End*
February 26, 2016DAZZLING2Hazlmere with some new territory*
February 28, 2016March 1, 20161Knowle Hill
March 3, 2016ROB2A great run in the beautiful woods at North End*
March 5, 2016BILL1Freith
March 8, 2016CHRIS Y1A rainy but great run around Littleworth Common*
March 11, 2016GILL1Around the Green at Stokenchurch
March 14, 2016CAROLINE3A great run from Spade Oak through Little Marlow*
March 16, 2016BEN1Henley Hoo Hay Henry Hash
March 19, 2016LUCY2Great run, Great company in Christmas Common*
March 21,2016PAUL S2Hot, sunny run Marlow and Quarry Wood*
March 23, 1900YORKI1Jordans and Seer Green*
March 26, 1900BONDI1A great run from Cookham Dean Common*
March 29, 1900ROB 2nd3A-B run Cookham/ Maidenhead and a brilliant AGM party at ROB's house*
March 31, 1900LUCY3Martino's long, scenic, birthday run from Frieth
April 2, 1900YOUNGY1Rob 11 long birthday run around Cadmore End*
April 5, 1900PATRICK2Beautiful hilly rainy run around Ibstone & Turville*
April 7, 1900DAZZLING3West Wycombe to Downley
April 9, 1900ED2A scenic run around Bix*
April 11, 1900ALLAN1 Bisham Woods,Longridge, Cookham Dean & Marlow
April 13, 1900PAUL S3Paul's not so farewell run around Winters Hill
April 15, 1900KICKI2A bucollic run from Hambleden , Youngy and Nikki got lost . Ken's 500th run *
April 17, 1900MARTINO2Littlewoth Common and Burnham Beeches*
April 19, 1900LIAM1A beautiful scenic run at Knowl Hill
April 22, 1900GUNILLA1A briliant woodland run around Winchbottom*
April 25, 1900KEN3A jolly jovial jaunt in Jordans, Beaconsfield GC and Seer Green*
April 27, 1900TANIA2Bix*
April 29, 1900NICKI S2Hedsor*
May 2, 1900BONDI2Pinkneys Green*
May 4, 1900MARTINO3
May 5, 1900CAROLINE4
May 6, 1900PETER2
May 8, 1900
May 9, 1900
May 10, 1900